The Basic Principles of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is considered to be a science that dates back 5000 years with a holistic approach towards physical and mental health. It aims to bring a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

There are three basic fundamental biological humors described in Ayurveda. Vata, Pitta and Kapha are also considered the “tri-energies.” It is believed that these control the universe and are responsible for planetary movements (Vata), their formation and destruction (Pitta) and generation and maintenance of new life (Kapha). Same three energies are found inside every living being and are responsible for health or disease. When the tri-energies are in balance, there is health or harmony whereas an imbalance causes disease or chaos.

Our diet, behavior, the seasons, emotions, lifestyle all affect the tri-energies. The main principle of healing in Ayurveda is to maintain the balance in Vata, Pitta and Kapha by altering our lifestyle, thoughts, diet and understanding nature through herbal products,

Why choose Ojas Ayurveda Supplements?

At Ojas Ayurveda we believe in the power of pure and natural herbs sourced from The Himalayan valley. Our supplements are made from 100% standardised extracts making them potent and effective compared to most other brands.* The herbs are grown in a pollution free environment and are free of pesticides and fertilizers. The farmers are guided by experts and herbal pharmacologists about the best natural habitat, climatic conditions and farming techniques for the herbs.

The herbs are tested and inspected in laboratories as they arrive in the manufacturing facility and thorough quality checks are performed during the extraction process.

Our supplements are formulated by doctors and periodically tested for consistency and quality. Our products has various international certifications like HACCP, GMP, ISO 9001/2015, Kosher, Halal, Ministry of Ayush and the manufacturing facility is FDA approved.

On popular demand, Ojas Ayurveda brings 23 products for General Wellness to the United States. Our best selling products in India include

5 Best Sellers

1) AshwagandhaOjas - Best Rejuvenative Herb for the Mind

2) CurcuminOjas - Natural Anti-inflammatory

3) Livojas - Holistic Liver Health

4) Throjas - for Optimal Thyroid health

5) Boneojas - Improves Bone health

In today's day and age, Ayurvedic products assist with boosting immunity and health naturally. For people with distinct needs, there are myriads of herbal and natural ayurvedic supplement options available in our catalogue from diabetes management, cardiac wellness, renal care, hair and skin care supplements.

Ojas Ayurveda - Best Platform to Shop Ayurvedic Products Online

We, at Ojas, are on a mission of taking authentic Ayurveda to every home. Ojas Ayurveda Products aim to support a variety of health benefits, including improved digestion, enhanced immunity, and mental health. We are highly committed to quality and purity.

We have dedicatedly built our catalog of Ayurvedic Supplements to offer solutions for overall wellness. Be it reproductive health, digestion, heartburn or joint care, buy it online from a leading & highly-trusted brand from India and that’s Ojas!!

Ojas Ayurveda Products for Replenishing Energy Levels

Do you reach out to caffeine, high sugar snacks, baked products or chocolates to boost your energy? If that’s the case, we would suggest you boost the energy with the Ayurvedic supplements the natural way.

We have Ayurvedic Products that help work as energy boosters and manage cortisol levels naturally especially the herbal supplement Calmojas, which helps promoted nervous system health. Our supplement capsules can offer essential nutrients to enhance stamina, immunity, and energy levels and strengthen your body’s response to stress.*

Ojas offers the best quality Ashwagandhaojas and Curcuminojas Ayurvedic Supplements that help with muscle development and work as an anti-inflammatory. So, buy an ayurvedic energy booster online and promote overall health and wellness.

Ojas Ayurvedic Products for Better Eyesight & Haircare

Our Ayurveda supplements offering include Eyeojas and Hairojas. These are effective in improving eyesight paired with routine yoga, exercises, and a well-balanced diet as they offer innumerable benefits in reducing excessive stress on eye muscles. Our haircare ayurvedic extract capsules called Haiojas has been receiving rave reviews as it assists keeping your scalp healthy and help reduce hair fall.

*These products have not been fully evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease and intended to be used as a dietary supplement.

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